Franu Rey Fotografía will have an Intensive Newborn Photography Workshop. Theory, marketing, practice with newborns, workflow, editing of images and delivery of the final product.

Franu Rey: “Newborn photography is my passion. I try to show with each photoshoot the sweetness that characterizes each and every newborn, the neutral colors and props define my style, taking care of every detail in each pose. Good lighting is essential to get a good process and final result. In recent years Newborn photography has been very important in my career since it is 70% of my sales. Good training is necessary to perform these sessions since the safety of the newborn should be the first priority”


What is a Newborn photography workshop?

In the years I have spend as photographers of Newborns, I have realized how difficult it is to evolve without help. This type of photography seems simple and logical, but it fact it is complex. I am self-taught and many things I’ve learned in a day by day basis based on hard work and effort, and others, based on making mistakes. A fundamental part of this workshop will be about my mistakes and what I learned from them. The life of a tiny child will be in your our hands, and it requires training to work with them and learn from the start all the advice we will give you with our experience throughout this time surrounded by babies. On the other hand, I will teach you that even if you are self-taught there are things that you can’t see alone. Working in groups and supporting you with other professionals and colleagues is the fundamental part for the effort to have a reward, to evolve.

A didactic and practical workshop dedicated to show you how we evolved from the start. How we get a stable and profitable company. Explain Natural Light and work with artificial light. Theory, marketing, practice with newborns (Posing class), workflow, editing the images and delivery of the final product. How to achieve complicated poses with the most confidence and security for the baby, transitions to different props to obtain the most variety of images in each photoshoot  and especially giving a  special look in the editing part that defines you.

I create the training as I would like it to be given to me. I do not keep anything to myself, I will be an open book.. There are workshops where they teach half, selling it as you will know all their secrets. That is not me. In my seminar I teach all the tricks, secrets and knowledge I have. I will create a group in Facebook where you can make joint purchases at a cheaper price, we will support you for a while and I will always be reachable in case you need anything.


It will be an intensive workshop where:

  • We will prepare the different props and you will see that each baby with different weight uses different positioners.
  • Techniques for the safety of the baby.
  • Parent welcoming and first contact.
  • How to sleep the baby and make the newborn sleep throughout out the whole session. This is one of the most important parts. A baby well asleep with natural techniques with leads to the success of the session.
  • I will explain natural light, it’s not only using light from a window, you have to master this light source. We will work with flash lighting to create the light we want and softness in the shadows
  • Postures and transitions between the different positioners, cubes, boxes, bean bags and so on.
  • How to capture the images and the correct configuration of the equipment.
  • How to save a difficult session. Possible problems and solutions.
  • Workflow. We will work with our usual software, from quick download of images, classification, first edition, customer sample, final color edition with our look and delivery of the final product in less than 30 min.
  • We will teach you to create actions and use existing actions until exactly my color and style.
  • Where to buy quality props and with the best prices.
  • Non-aggressive marketing. How to reach your client.


Start at 09:00

Preparation of the sets and theory.


Intensive practice with two babies of different ages and weights …

14:00 Lunch (included)

15:30 to 19:00 (or more)

Workflow, editing and marketing

Sponsor gift delivery

What includes?

– Lunch

– Food

– Notebook

– Notes

– Step-by-step editing guide

– Fantastic gifts and discounts from our sponsors! If I work with them it’s because they are the best.

Click the name below to watch the videos.

Workshop Sevilla 2016

Photoshoot in my studio





5900:- (VAT excluded, invoices in Europe are paid without VAT if you are VAT registered with the tax office!) *Reservations made before August 1st will also receive a discount of 500: -!

The reservation fee will be 1000:-, the rest is due to be paid 1 week before the workshop.

Information and booking: 

info@studionovas.se / 0735051772



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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